‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات كورة اوروبية. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات كورة اوروبية. إظهار كافة الرسائل

الجمعة، 31 أغسطس 2012

Falcao: I dreamed that we Snmatar nets Chelsea

Admitted myth Colombian Radamel Falcao scorer Atletico Madrid as a "dream" that his team Samatar Chelsea nets you a huge amount of goals in the European Super Cup.

Falcao led Atletico, champions of Europe, today to sweep the Chelsea, the hero of the Champions League, with four goals to one, to ensure its own record "hat-trick" in the first half, only to guide his team the second trophy in their history.

Following the meeting, Falcao told Spanish television "I dreamed that we we'll record many targets in Chelsea, I thank the Lord because he gave me this opportunity."

Called "Tiger" Latin of his colleagues to maintain and develop the same level after becoming a team able to compete heavy continental coronation major titles.

On his own future professional after he was showered with offers of the largest clubs in the world as a result of his performance Kharafi, Falcao declined to comment, except to praise his team, who confirmed his worth to be present among the elite in Europe and the world.

Iniesta .. Finally Oncefth ball went out of his cloak Messi

Finally Onceft football Andres Iniesta, this Spanish which gave the round charming dimension technically and aesthetic touch impressive, فلقب "painter" or "Picasso stadiums" did not come out of the blue, he wrote his name in uppercase letters of light between the category of "players artists" in the history of popular game first.
Was Iniesta need to "fairness" and nothing else to shake the dust off his legend live, after limited talk about bilateral Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, as monopolists title best among players in the world, without taking into account that talent inimitable coming from the city of Albacete.
Ruminating Iniesta bitter injustice much despite his numerous achievements collective, which always have a fingerprint prominent where, especially after his Matador for the coronation first World Cup in its history after his goal golden at the box Netherlands, but this did not satisfy him for the coronation golden ball, which went to teammate Messi .
But fairness, not luck, حالف Iniesta finally giving him the award for best player in Europe in 2012, superior to Messi and Ronaldo in particular, amid satisfaction unprecedented global, even from Real fans, who accepted the vast majority of them award to Andres even with a loss Mahawkhm Portuguese.
After a long wait was selected player "Spanish nationality" of the coronation title of the best in the old continent, and they ordered too late, despite the golden era that prevailed in the country recently bullfighting after winning Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012, and those Iniesta played exceptional tournaments.
Accept Iniesta, the 28-year-old blows injustice successive capacity issued and humility too, although not to grant individual award important, but some exceptions, such as the title of best player in Euro 2012, but he was recognized entitlement others in the awards, especially Messi, who robbed a lot, but He lived under his shadow, although perhaps no less talent it glamorous.
Even with winning the best European player in the season 2011 - 2012, was the son of a school does not Masia bar proud to stand on the platform and one next to the two "giants" as he put it.
This estimate arrived late for the player winning a World Cup and Championships euros with his national team, as well as three tournaments for the Champions League and five copies of the Spanish league and two of the King's Cup and five in the super local and super Europe twice, and World Cup teams twice.
Will keep football Bansafha with Iniesta until the announcement of the winner of the Golden Ball end of the year, or close circle again on Messi and Ronaldo alone?.

real in the group of death in the Champions League .. The champions collide Baleoffntos

Been drawn group stage Champions League held in Monaco, Real Madrid and Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund and Ajax in Group D, while collided Juventus Chelsea champions England in the fifth set.
Also draw has confrontations easy to Barcelona and Manchester United, Bayern Munich and AC Milan.
The following are the results of the draw:
Group A: FC Porto (Portugal) - Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) - Paris Saint-Germain (France) - Dinamo Zagreb (Croatian)
Group B: Arsenal (England) - Schalke (Germany) - Olympiakos (Greece) - Montpellier (France)
Group C: AC Milan (Italy) - Zenit (Russian) - Anderlecht (Belgium) - Malaga (Spain)
Group D: Real Madrid (Spain) - Manchester City (England) - Ajax (Netherlands) - Dortmund (Germany)
Group E: Chelsea (England) - Shakhtar () - Juventus (Italy) - Nordsiland (Danish)
Group F: Bayern Munich (Germany) - Valencia (Spain) - Lille (France) - BATE Borisov (Belarus)
Group G: Barcelona (Spain) - Benfica (Portugal) - Moscow Spartk (Russian) - Celtic (Scotland)
Group H: Manchester United (England) - Braga (Portugal) - Jalata Galatasaray (Turkey) - Cluj (Romania)

Famous Italian Cesare Maldini: Milan will suffer from neglect in Silva .. and welcome the return of Kaka

Italian football always remains the most prominent name in the any spherical competition and any forum, as are shares of Italian teams and teams participating always the lion's share of nominations coronation, especially after his impressive level Alotzroy at the Euro 2012 finals.
Equally shows the other face of Italian football with all its problems and disadvantages and even his mistakes. Side that caused the loss of many of the emerging international opportunities for Italian teams.
To determine the impact of these problems on Italian football, phoned Italian coach Cesare Maldini Qadeer (former coach of the Italian team and club AC Milan) and Interviewed in many points .. This dialogue was:
World lived Event Summer Olympics in London in 2012, Mar AEK in the absence of the Italian team for the soccer competition events?
I am really sad for the absence of the Italian team for the Olympics. Football is for Italy history and heritage, an important thing for the Italians. Qualifying match has followed us and was something disturbing lack of qualified especially after we made the bronze in Athens 2004.
Speaking of the Italian team, how do you see performance Alotzroy in Euro 2012?
I have followed the tournament well .. It was a good performance and the players already featured ball with the new coach. Think he still have a lot to offer in the upcoming tournaments and improve their level with the passage of time.
Do you think that Italian football in general and the team had affected betting scandal which handle international news agencies its news?
That you are referring to the Euro 2012 Championship, I do not think it affected betting scandal even affected some of the players. Coaching staff was able to players away from any pressures that may lose them focus and this is what happened and achieve the advanced level belonging to everyone.Either you're talking about the public image of Italian football, of course greatly influenced trading as news of this scandal around the world quickly, but we have to know that there are other countries have suffered from such news, such as France, for example.
How do you see the solution to this problem?
I think that the best solution to such issues is to punish only the guilty players without the need to punish all clubs or all players and this what the Union should do.
Of Italian players who heard their performance in the euro?
It's Andrea Pirlo, not unlike one he made a wonderful return during the euro. Was already distinct.
Male talking about clubs, Mataliqk wrath Milan fans abandon the club for most of his adult stars for the benefit of other clubs?
What controls in such matters is the financial costs .. Milan has many financial obligations and are really expensive he should go about this, but we have to remember that Milan a big club and always needs support, and will enter the transfer market and bring in young players and distinct.
If you are OK to abandon stars the size of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, especially after the brilliance of Thiago in the London Olympics?
As previously Ojpetk agree in principle only, but we have to pick who they are laid-off, it is not reasonable to dispense with one of the best defenders in the world because of liquidity and financial expenditures. Was the best team players and we are suffering from the center of defense. Exchange players something positive but must be done without prejudice to the team in some centers.
Will also opposes thinking Almilanesta in bringing Kaka from Real Madrid?
Spent Kaka in Milan great seasons and added a lot and moved to Real Madrid and did not happen the same effect caused in Milan. Too early to settle down on the decision. Happening in the transfer market has no standards, but I certainly welcome it as well.
See who is the club that his candidacy for the Italian victory of the season?
Given the level at which his club Juventus last season and successful footsteps, I find that he has high chances to repeat what happened and that was Milan resist won the title as he did last season.
It will be a surprise for you?
I think that Naples is capable of completing high levels provided by the last season and there also Udenza is usually a nuisance for adults.

real topples Barcelona on the Spanish throne Super .. and achieves the first titles of the new season

Real Madrid won the Spanish Super ninth in its history by beating arch-rivals Barcelona 2-1 in the return leg, which brought together the two teams on Wednesday evening in the capital Madrid to end the control of arch-rivals for the title, which lasted 3 years.
Provide Higuain for Real in the 11th minute and boosted Ronaldo win in the 18th minute, before granting Barcelona Messi goal of honor in the 44th minute, was the first leg had ended in victory for Barcelona 3-2.
Winning is not granted riyal title only, but also succeeded in achieving their first win of the season and first on Barcelona at the Bernabeu stadium since 2008.
Rial succeeded in providing a more wonderful way which managed to surprise Barcelona, ​​which bears his defense for the loss of the title.
Barcelona returned in the second half differently and managed to control most of the epochs and was close to an equalizer, despite the lack of numerical fought encounter since the 27th minute after the expulsion of Adriano.
Control of the game went to Barca in the opening minutes, but the real risk was for the riyal after Argentine star missed his attack confirmed Higuain chance in the 7th minute when Catalan himself alone on goal after a great pass from Marceleo but he refused the gift and slotted the ball into the feet Valdes.
Did not prevent control Catalan formalism to the meeting at the outset stars riyal from the formation of a real danger to the goalkeeper Valdes in performance remained unconvincing to defend Blaugrana embodies clearly on 11 minutes when striker Higuain in the heart of the situation and change the accounts in order of total privacy amid guarded defense Barcelona.
Details goal began long ball from the back feet defender Pepe hit the sagging defense Catalans after erred Mascherano in estimating the ball to find Higuain alone on Bvalds and succeeded this time to deposit the ball on goal.
Reaction stars Barcelona after the goal were not properly amid the absence of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi, despite their debut strong for the match, and in light shine unusual for players Real Madrid, led by Ronaldo and Marcelo, Ozil along with excellence stars of the team in the extraction ball through the pressure and the beginning of the attacks effectively.
Barcelona's defense failed tottering in addressing to attack Almadridah waves as a natural result of the performance of Laggard back four first team was hit hard by the injury Alves second match, forcing Villanova to payment Bodriano in the right side.
Found riyal wanted to find in long balls coming from the rear lead when disorientation is normal to defend Barcelona, ​​and scenario similar to the first goal, sent Khedira ball longitudinal rear succeeded brilliant Ronaldo extracted heel in front of the Pique skillfully unenviable not seen since the days of Pele up to the penalty area and pay off ground creeping Valdes failed to address it to turn into his own net postings for the second goal in the 18th minute.
The second goal opened the way for Ronaldo and his colleagues have complete control of the course of the meeting, following opportunities for Mirengji Barcelona's throw, which was the most serious to Higuain, who himself once again on goal but his shot in Valdes feet.
27 minutes saw a new turn in the game and also why the performance was modest to defend Catalan, so when you hit Ronaldo defense and Scurry ball towards goal but was blocked by Adriano to give him judgment Matthew UZES red card and complicated position Barça more and more.
Villanova forced to make the first change to the involvement Montoya instead of Sanchez to compensate for the expulsion of Adriano, and Almirengji pressure strongly in an effort to exploit the lack of numerical among the arch-rivals in search of more goals and the players missed many opportunities.
At a time when everyone waited to make the riyal for more goals Barcelona returned to the game again after hair trio Messi, Iniesta and Xavi seriousness of the situation.
Before the referee announced the end of the first half whistle Argentine flea able to make more than a wonderful goal from a fixed ball from midfield riyal almost surprised everyone and startle Casillas in the 44th minute.
Both teams entered the second half with caution and clear and tactical planning waiting for the moment swooping on the other team scoring the goal killer, Barcelona succeeded in restoring his defense to appear better than it was in the first half.
Not much affected by Barcelona numerical inferiority and succeeded in threat against Real Madrid in more than one occasion was the most serious in the 63rd minute when himself Pedro Bcaccias but his shot in the foot, and returned Pedro and two minutes later broke through from the front right but Casillas saved the day again.
Say yield physical and technical players riyal compared to their first-half especially Ronaldo, who disappeared inside the stadium, and wait for the team until 69 minutes to threaten goalkeeper Barcelona from the onslaught of solo effort Tam Sami Khedira who rounded defender Barça and a shot saved by Valdes brilliantly to save the goal of an uncertain .
New Villanova Ballowavd payment sung instead of Busquets in search of more vitality and activity of the Catalan center, and in the 75th minute hit Jordi Alba Royal defense pass from Messi, but failed to control the ball wasted the opportunity to achieve a draw.
Mourinho conducted the first change involving Kayekhoun instead of Di Maria being absent, and in the 79th minute Higuain back to the emergence of new wasting a great opportunity when himself Bvalds but his shot awkwardly in Qaim.
Mourinho returned and conducted a second change involving Benzema instead of Higuain then give Modric the green light for the first appearance with the team when payment alternative to Ozil, while engaged Villanova Ptio substitute Pedro.
Last minutes Summit saw the excitement of the two teams after the exchange of the two teams wasted easy opportunities, and almost Modric to do it and score his first goal in stoppage time when a shot hit the feet of Defense to bounce attack that quick viewing solely for Montoya, who hit a powerful ball saved by giant Casillas wasted opportunity tie and title The meeting will be ended in victory Madrida Gal.

Super receivable impressive for Real with respect to Parsa

Won real Royal Super Cup of Spain, having won at home in the Alsantiajo Bernabeu on Barcelona 2/1, but he had lost by a single goal in the first leg at the Nou Camp 2/3, has benefited from the difference Join away, and deserved the win and the cup and the coronation solving a superiority complex that inflicted by Barca in the last four years, even if he had won last season Ballija.
■ ■ I said in my previous article after leg that riyal closer to the title, was not difficult for any observer normal to conclude that, for the registration riyal two goals at the Camp Nou, but I touch the spirit of challenge in the hearts of players riyal to restore the state of their balance before Barça matches Clasico, I put my experience Barça coach in the balance!.
■ ■ The riyal impressive and worthy of the title, because the team and coach Mourinho played "from the heart", the design and the stubbornness and the will of winning and the coronation, to remove the effects of superiority Albrchillona in a long era, and to compensate their debut meager in the league, but they wanted to win, he attacked the system effective in half I, Khalkhaloa defenses Barça lacking commander Puyol, and scored twice and Frtoa in more than a chance to double their superiority, and was expelled Adriano defender Barça additional factor to facilitate the task of the real, and seems to be Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo may إعتادا Join in the range of Barça, but Messi who used the other register in the range of Rial refused to pass appropriate without to prove his presence.

■ ■ in the first leg, I said that the Clasico world did not give us just some fun, but the second leg, gave us some much better than the fun and surprise of both Real Madrid and his stars Bmujathm offensive and focus in the first half, or Barça and horsemen in the second half, when they refused to surrender and played Confidence and control their own way typical of acquisitions and dislocation but not shine Casillas terrible save net from several Nfradat - especially Pedro was able to witness the match result again, strange that the flaws and gaps and uncontrollable defense of Parsa has improved a lot in the second half despite lack of numerical and focus offensive.
■ ■ tactical attendance this time Mourinho and Villanova was more pronounced, especially for Mourinho, who could diversify into each of the two halves of the game, where he played 4/2/3/1 in the first half offensive center, and turned in the second half to 4.4.2 or defensive 4/5/1 with rely on Almertdat, Mourinho did not find any defect to decline to defend, to keep winning and to reset the Super Cup and ecstasy confidence for La Liga champions in front of Barça.

■ ■ The Villanova, although recent experience driving technical individual, has sacrificed his character in the cohesion in the second half and to insist on the way "Altica Taki" despite lack of numerical, but he always suffers from an injury or the absence of any major player, such as Puyol, who seems incomplete Fitness confidence in the opinion of Villanova, Chips or others. There is no doubt that the loss and the loss of the title, is a blow and shake to Villanova at the beginning of his reign with the team, but still in front of the new manager - leaders Liga - some time to gain experience difficult situations in the games and the circumstances sudden, and I hope to find support from the club and the fans and stars of the team after the loss of the first title Brchillona in his term, and generally it is still on the line to prove its existence!

Crazy Mourinho

To Akhal no one upset of a statement Portuguese coach controversial Jose Mourinho, when asked Bmnadath coach sole, even including fans riyal, as if the world did not beget coach other and it should be "glorifies" along the line and no other coaches who have dug their names lines petition , where to Aitisa way to cast them in this forum.
Perhaps permit Mourinho angered Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff, who could not bear the silence on Portuguese naughty.I go back to meet with super which took place at the Theatre Camp Nou where brighten star artist "Iniesta" usual and could not deter myself despite being encouraging Real not impressed Baltmrerat charming him where moon by his team-mates, including the magnificent goal of the third foot on a platter of gold to teammate Xavi .
This Madey Eagle Almadrida former Emilio Butragueño director of institutional relations for Real praise significant role Iniesta during the first Clasico meeting Thursday.

I have that work bilateral Catalan, although I find Albrchillonyen were more Aejada solutions in times of "wise" Pep Guardiola, which is characterized rigor and strength of character more than help the new coach Current Tito Flanovia who succeeded in testing difficult first, and achieved the same result on the stadium Camp Nou during the last season .
Everyone in Barcelona and the whole world of lovers Clasico blamed the Spanish goalkeeper Valdes, who gave a gift perhaps Albrchillonyen pay for it dearly in the second leg which will be held at the Bernabeu next Wednesday.
Defenses Rial did not emerge with only veteran Alonso, who ensure with Khedira cut supplies and logistics, where we have not seen shrewd Messi often moving, although some breakthroughs, while not Ramos and Alvaro Arbeloa their previous levels usual, German Turkish origin Mesut Ozil was stressful, while it seemed the young young wonderful Kaikhon and work a lot on the right side and was a defensive role and that's what Mourinho was forced to leave the Argentine Angel Di Maria on the bench, before invest gift Valdes in the final five minutes for a moment involvement.
Mourinho made a mistake when paying Pmarcillo in midfield, where he was stranded as well as when he insisted on retaining Karim Benzema, who was lost between the pliers Pique and his companions, where heart Assad stressed Pique as the new commander of the affair of no less than veteran Puyol.
Ronaldo did not appear in the game only in order to lead to a royal, but like arch terrible Messi were not "solvers" contract or rescuers as Ahdnahma in games that combine the riyal and Albrtha.
There remains talk to referee Carlos Gomez, who agreed with his assistant in the calculation of the first goal for Bertha from sneak mode, as he had condoned a penalty kick for the hosts as replays showed.
Barcelona has many solutions on the bench opposite arch-rivals Real Madrid.
I liked it a lot striker Sanchez where he was disturbing on several occasions and gets blamed for the large representation though is extraordinary star, Mourinho had a lot next Wednesday, especially since he is well aware that the Catalan trio Iniesta, Messi and Hernandez will not be Aigaffhma relying solely on Alonso and Khedira.

Simeone: Falcao keeps on fascination

Said Argentine coach Diego Simeone coach Atletico Madrid after winning the European Super Cup day at the expense of Chelsea he loves Colombian striker Radamel Falcao and wishes to keep the high level.
Falcao led Atletico, champions of Europe, today to sweep the Chelsea, the hero of the Champions League, with four goals to one, to ensure its own record "hat-trick" in the first half, only to guide his team the second trophy in their history.Simeone told Spanish television after the achievement "As a coach of these players I can only express how proud them, I want to congratulate them after this wonderful game, I gave a perfect performance, and committed to what we were trained."
The (Alchuluu) "When I took over the task of training of Atletico in December, was a wounded team, but he has men and great players, and thanks to them that we are here in Monaco, have we put good for Chelsea, and three Falcao in the first half, facilitated things."And "Tiger" Falcao, which saw the emergence of star in the River Plate, said, "I admire him and love him, I know since he was a young man, does not stop Abharri development level, I wish to remain so, we must enjoy dedicates and ask him to offload more of his sleeve ".
He also thanks and gratitude to the more than 6,000 fans attended from Madrid to Monaco to support Alrokhi Blancos in Louis II Stadium, which hosted the Super.

Manchester City includes Spain's Javi Garcia for 20 million euros

Benfica announced today join Spanish midfielder  
Javi Garcia to Manchester City for 20 million euros.

The Portuguese club said in a statement sent to the Committee 
on the stock market in Portugal that it retains 50% of the economic
 rights in the case of the high value of the player  
when he moved in the future.

He joined Garcia (25 years) to Benfica 
in the summer of 2009 from Real Madrid for seven million euros.